There are a lot of things that can help capture motion blur. First, you can slow down your shutter speed. When you slow it down, it’s easier for the camera to capture the blur. The slower the subject is, the more you have to slow down the speed. Something else you can do is to stabilize the camera. For motion, you need one of two things, motion from your camera, or subject motion. Since the subject is already moving, you can stabilize the camera. If you don’t, you will have a blurry background

One of things that you have take care of the the light. The longer and slower the the shutter speed is, The more light comes in. If there is too much light, you can’t see the actual picture. So, you can do a few things. You can lower the shutter speed and find the exact and right point. You can bring your ISO down to get a darker exposure. Or you can use a filter.

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The Secret to Motion Blur in Adobe Premiere Pro
this shows motion blur

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