Depth of Field Explained

Depth of field is how much of your picture is in focus. If you blur the background of your picture, it will bring more attention to the subject. Depth of field can be controlled by the aperture of your camera. The aperture is the hole that your camera takes the picture with. it can be […]


First, I used Tune Image and just made it darker and I added some saturation and highlights. Then I just messed around with the curves. Then I went to HDR scape and added a little, around 31. Then I added frame number 13. First, I went to tune image. I lowered to brightness, ambiance, highlights, […]

Framing a Subject

Do I have a strong composition? To be honest, not very strong composition. Maybe filling the frame but there aren’t many other things. 2. How well did I edit my photographs? I edited them pretty well, especially with the lighting. The photos had very little light so i added some to pop the subjects out […]