This is my explanation for the collage. So first, the airplane. I love airplanes. I am always fascinated on how the pilots have to control everything and flying an airplane just seems really fun. Next, the sports balls. My whole life i’ve lived sports. I just have so much fun. Its funny because I hate […]

Tips for Better composition

1. Include A Focal Point A focal point is the subject in the picture. Make sure you have one to make the viewer pay attention for longer. 2. Follow The Rule of Thirds The rule of thirds is to make sure that your subject in the picture is off center to be more aesthetically pleasing […]

Shadows and Light

I like this image because it shows shadows. It has vertical and leading lines. the shadows are very contrasted. The only colors there are black and gray. It is asymmetrical. the image is very clear. The subject is in focus. There isn’t any distractions except for the lines. I also like how the subjects are […]

What I learned about camera exposure

Exposure is how light or dark the photo comes out. It is determined by three different things, aperture, ISO and shutter speed (the “exposure triangle”). Each camera setting controls different things. The aperture is how big the hole in the camera is the get the light in. The bigger the hole, the more light gets […]