First, I used Tune Image and just made it darker and I added some saturation and highlights. Then I just messed around with the curves. Then I went to HDR scape and added a little, around 31. Then I added frame number 13.

First, I went to tune image. I lowered to brightness, ambiance, highlights, and contrast. And i raised the saturation, shadows, and warmth. Then, I burned the sides because they were too bright and for more emphasize. Then, I used lens blur and put the blue dot in the center of the car.

I lowered to brightness, highlights, shadows, and contrast. And I raised the saturation and ambiance. I then burned the background and I added lens blur and put it on the left headlight.

I lowered to brightness, highlights, saturation, warmth, and contrast. And I raised the shadows and ambiance. Then i burned the background. then, i used the vignette feature on lens blur. I also used HDR Scape.

How to "Get Down" With Low Angle Photography | Motif Blog

I think the photo is very good compositionally. It has leading lines. The lines lead you to the sky which creates a sense of mystery. you can see the very small details on the trees. The sun add the right amount of brightness. there is a big subject that is right in your face. you cannot miss it. And, there aren’t any other subjects in the photo. It is very hard to focus on something else. There is also some green in there which adds a nice touch to the plain atmosphere. It adds some color and some more darkness to the picture. It also has a shallow depth of field. The bark slowly fades out at the end of the tree. There is also some branches which i feel are pointing out to the other trees to show the leading lines. I chose this photo because i thought it had a lot of good elements. Like I pointed out above, the picture has very good composition. I also like trees. There is a picture of trees in the background of my site. Nature and plant are very nice. It is also calming to the eye. There isn’t a lot of chaos in this picture. You can focus on it without having to jump from one thing to another.


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