This is my explanation for the collage. So first, the airplane. I love airplanes. I am always fascinated on how the pilots have to control everything and flying an airplane just seems really fun. Next, the sports balls. My whole life i’ve lived sports. I just have so much fun. Its funny because I hate exercise but i love running around with other people and throwing or kicking a ball.

The stuffed animals are there because i love those things. They are always so cute and furry. I have like 4-5 of them and they never get old. However, if i try sleeping with them, they always end up on the floor when i wake up. Next, the books. I love reading comics and comedy books. They are always so funny. There is food as well. The pasta is because i love Italian food for some reason. And the Indian food is because I am Indian so i had to sprinkle a little culture in there.

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