Tips for Better composition

1. Include A Focal Point

A focal point is the subject in the picture. Make sure you have one to make the viewer pay attention for longer.

2. Follow The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is to make sure that your subject in the picture is off center to be more aesthetically pleasing

3. Balance The Image Diagonally

The rule of thirds can leave some empty space. So, you can fill it up with another subject to balance it out.

4. Shoot From A Lower Angle

If you shoot from a lower angle, you get a viewpoint that most people don’t see.

5. Include Foreground Interest

You can include foreground objects to give depth the the picture.

6. Use Leading Lines

You can use lines leading to the picture to assist the viewers eyes to the picture. An example could be some railroad tracks.

7. Fill The Frame

Some thing you can do to help focus on the subject is to fill up the frame with the subject so that is the only thing the viewer can look at.

8. Leave Space ForĀ Movement

When you take a picture of something moving, your eyes tend to move ahead of the subject to see where they ear going. So, when your shooting a moving subject, try to leave some space in front of them.

9. Frame Your Subject

Framing means to use the surrounding objects to “frame” or to surround the image. This brings the eye toward the subject.

10. Break The Rules!

In photography, there isn’t anything you can’t do. So get creative with it! The rules above should be learned before you start breaking the rules but after that, do whatever your heart desires.

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